Errors highlighting in ALV

Errors highlighting in ALV

Messagede jcmartin01 » 27 Mars 2012, 17:38

Hi, sorry to ask a question that has already been asked many times

**** This question is not about cells colouring (background) *** Thanks ***

How can I mark a cell as error, with a red border in my ALV ?

Using method ADD_PROTOCOL_ENTRY of class CL_ALV_CHANGED_DATA_PROTOCOL I've add some entries to the alv protocol at the event Z_CONTROL_DATA,

Then I show the protocol entry with method DISPLAY_PROTOCOL but the wrong cells are not marked red.

==> Is there a way to have them marked red like in the output of "on data_changed event" ?

I hope someone will finally give me (and the world, as this question seems to remain unanswered since years) an answer .

Thanks a lot

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